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Let's Keep Regenerating Shingal

You can help the Yazidis return home and heal their land

Explore the ways giving can help

GCP has already raised more than $100,000 that went towards:

  • Restoring a shelter

  • Building two wells 

  • Reconnecting to central electricity             

  • Planting 500 trees

  • Planting 3 acres of vegetables 

  • Fencing       

We need your help to continue the work of regenerating Shingal. We are currently raising $130,000 for:

  • 2 shelters  (housing for 20 people)               

  • 1500 trees   

  • developing 4 acres of vegetables                   

  • sheep, chicks and barns                             

  • beehives                                                        

  • 8 green houses     

With the money we have raised families have returned home, land has begun to heal and regeneration is on the horizon.


Any amount can help make a difference:

  • By investing $500, Yazidi farmers can help rebuild shelters and buy equipment.

  • By investing $250, Yazidi laborers can get paid to farm and regenerate soil.

  • By investing $100, Yazidis can purchase 30+ chicks.

  • By investing $35, Yazidis can purchase seeds and plant vegetables and trees.

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