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Global Covenant Partners

 Preventing religion-related violence. Protecting its targets. Rehabilitating its victims.

Working to end Religicide 

Ongoing persecution, discrimination, and injustice against religious minorities must be stopped. Global Covenant Partners combines research, policy analysis, and advocacy with pragmatic community implementation to produce measurable results, including a reduction in violence. 

Our Current Project: Regenerate Shingal

Global Covenant Partners is focusing efforts on bringing concrete, holistic aid to Yazidis who are subject to marginalization and systemic discrimination due to their religion. Through our project, Regenerate Shingal, Yazidis combat religicide by regenerating their land, religion and community. 

Our Impact

With our support, qualified Yazidis are moving back home to Shingal  and restoring dwellings, wells and farmland and providing hospitality, vegetables and hope for the community of pioneers who have and are returning to Shingal. 

Ways To Help

Learn more about  how to combat religicide and Regenerate Shingal.

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Global Covenant Partners is a nonprofit organization working to protect freedom of religion and prevent religion-related violence. We are a coalition of religious actors, scholars, activists, and civil society members dedicated to cultural flourishing, regeneration and assisting victims of religion-related violence worldwide.


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